Volunteer Relationships Canvas & Workshop – Digital Download

Volunteer Relationships Canvas & Workshop – Digital Download

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What's Included: A comprehensive workshop plan + 2 ECD Volunteer Relationship Canvas in PDF digital format. You get two versions to suit your needs:

  • Canvas Only PDF: Ideal for displaying the Canvas in workshops or for digital collaboration.
  • Bleeds Version: Designed for high-quality, professional printing with precise edge-to-edge results.

    Purpose of the Tools

    The Volunteer Experience Canvas and Workshop are crafted to enrich the journey of your volunteers. Here's how they work together to transform your volunteer programme:

    Purpose of the Canvas: This canvas is your blueprint for creating a meaningful volunteer environment. It lets you outline the key emotions you want volunteers to feel, pinpointing moments that matter most, identifying what drives positive experiences, and what could hinder them. It's a strategic tool for mapping out a volunteer experience that's both rewarding and sustainable.

    Purpose of the Workshop: The workshop breathes life into your canvas. It's a collaborative session where you and your team dive deep into understanding what makes a great volunteering experience. Over 2.5 hours, you'll work together to fill in your canvas, ensuring that everyone's on the same page about the emotional culture you're cultivating for volunteers.

    Problem It Solves: Many organisations struggle to engage and retain volunteers effectively. This combination of workshop and canvas ensures that volunteer experiences are not just transactional but transformational, focusing on the emotional aspects that are often neglected.

      How The Tools Work Together

      Together, the canvas and workshop guide you through a detailed exploration of your volunteer relationships. Starting with an icebreaker, you move through a process of identifying emotional high points and low points, enablers and blockers, and critical moments that define the volunteer journey.


        By using the Volunteer Experience Canvas and Workshop, your organisation will not only understand but will also be able to act on what truly motivates volunteers. You'll have a concrete plan that recognises and rewards their emotional investment, leading to a more vibrant and committed volunteer base.

          In just a short time, expect to see a stronger connection with your volunteers, where they feel genuinely appreciated and are more likely to stay engaged with your cause.