Know Yourself Through Change Handbook - Printed

Know Yourself Through Change Handbook - Printed

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What's Included:

30 Printed ECD Know Yourself Through Change Handbooks per pack. You can order the handbooks in the following ways:

  • Buy 1 pack for 30 handbooks
  • Buy 2 packs for 60 handbooks
  • Buy 3 packs for 90 handbooks

If you need more than 90 handbooks, please contact us for a bulk order. Just send an email to, and we'll help you with your purchase. Please also note that shipping is not included in the pack prices.

Purpose of the Handbook

The ECD Know Yourself Through Change Handbook is a personal guide designed to help you reflect on and navigate significant changes in life. It's an introspective tool that guides you through understanding and exploring the emotions and behaviours during times of change.

Problem It Solves: This Handbook addresses the challenge of understanding and managing one's emotional responses to change. By guiding individuals through a process of self-discovery, it helps them uncover emotional barriers and provides strategies to handle transitions more effectively.

How the Handbook Works

It's a step-by-step guide through your change journey. The Handbook leads individuals through these exercises:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Change's Impact

    • Reflect on personal discoveries during the change.
    • Assess the current impact of the change on personal well-being.
    • Identify emotions triggered by the change.
    • Express current feelings about the change.

  • Part 2: Crafting a Personal Change Strategy

    • Identify the emotions to experience less during the change.
    • Identify the emotions to experience more.
    • Develop strategies for managing emotions during the change.
    • Envision personal growth opportunities from this experience.
    • Plan actions for future changes based on current insights.

  • Advice for Others

    • Jot down advice you'd give to someone else undergoing similar changes.

Handbook Use: This handbook is for you to use on your own, not with a team. It's great for leaders to get to know themselves better so they can understand their team better too. It's meant for both personal growth and professional development.

Outcome of using this Handbook

By completing this Handbook, individuals will have a clearer understanding of their personal journey through change, actionable insights into emotional wellbeing, and greater readiness to handle future changes with resilience. They'll also develop a habit of acknowledging positive daily experiences, which can significantly boost performance and mental wellbeing.

What people are saying about this Tool

"I’ve been supporting a lot of change lately, and the cards and questions are invaluable in so many ways of making change more people-oriented than project-focused. At various stages through change, this handbook is a great reflection for key leaders, change managers and support people. This is a winner for my work for sure."