ECD Know Yourself Handbook - Printed

ECD Know Yourself Handbook - Printed

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What's Included:

30 Printed ECD Know Yourself Handbooks per pack. You can order the handbooks in the following ways:

  • Buy 1 pack for 30 handbooks
  • Buy 2 packs for 60 handbooks
  • Buy 3 packs for 90 handbooks

If you need more than 90 handbooks, please contact us for a bulk order. Just send an email to, and we'll help you with your purchase. Please also note that shipping is not included in the pack prices.

Purpose of the Handbook

The ECD Know Yourself Handbook is a personal guide for anyone looking to delve into self-discovery and better understand their emotions. It's a series of reflective exercises that help you pinpoint what makes you tick, react, and interact with others.

Problem It Solves: This handbook helps you tackle the challenge of self-awareness, an often overlooked aspect of personal development. It helps you understand the emotions behind your behaviours, which is key to growing personally and improving how you connect with others.

How the Handbook Works

It's a step-by-step guide through your emotional world:

  • Emotions: List out the feelings that drive your success.
  • Triggers: Identify what creates these emotions.
  • Behaviours: Notice how your emotions affect what you do and say.
  • Goals: Identifying habits to break, skills to develop, and areas to learn more about.
  • Three Good Things: Noting down three good things that happen each day and understanding their role in these positive outcomes.
  • How I Roll: Preferences in communication and work style, like whether they're a night owl or an early bird, or if they prefer emails to calls.

By working through the handbook, you gain insights that can lead to stronger relationships both professionally and personally.

Handbook Use: This handbook is for you to use on your own, not with a team. It's great for leaders to get to know themselves better so they can understand their team better too. It's meant for both personal growth and leadership development.