ECD Online Masterclass

ECD Online Masterclass

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COURSE FORMAT: Online Self-Paced Course
COURSE ACCESS: 90-Days Access to All Course Materials
Work at your own pace | 4-5 hours of course content

PRICE: Regular price of 399 USD (plus get x1 ECD value 99 USD)

When you complete the Masterclass Course you officially become an ECD Practitioner and join our global Elepant Rider Community.

See results immediately, feel ripples indefinitely

If you're looking to unlock your full emotional potential and/or create a more emotionally connected workplace, The ECD Online Masterclass Course strikes the perfect balance between lessons and actions to ensure an enjoyable and enriching learning experience:

  • Bite-sized videos that explain The ECD in a structured and easy-to-follow way
  • Practical tools and tips for facilitation, training, and organisational development
  • Real-life case studies and examples that demonstrate the impact of The ECD on teams and organisations
  • Thought-provoking reflection questions to help you embed the learnings
  • Additional resources and references to enhance your understanding of emotional culture and The ECD.
  • Bonus Live Coaching Calls for additional support from our experienced ECD Certifed Consultants

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An out-of-the-box online video course and toolkit for delivering highly engaging Emotional Culture Deck workshops.

You can download The Emotional Culture Deck for free, and that will give you a taste of the potential of the #1 game in the world for better workplace culture. You can buy your own Deck and work with our sanely simple card game to explore, understand and map your emotions and those of your team or organisation. But to really make the most of the Emotional Culture Deck, enrol in our Online Masterclass Course and put yourself enroute to mastery.

What you get access to in the Online Masterclass

  1. x1 Emotional Culture Deck (value 99 USD). The course is designed to be a hands-on learning experience. So you'll use the cards to complete certain steps within the course. This will reinforce what you learn and give you more confidence with the game.

  2. ECD Starter Kit. You get perpetual access to The ECD Starter Toolkit, which includes more than 12 PDF tools, and workshop plans to help you create and deliver a variety of different workshops. Plus you also get The Emotional Culture Deck PDF so you can print and make your own deck at home.

  3. 11 core Video Lessons (plus bonus tip videos). You will be guided through 11 video lessons as if you're taking part of our live Masterclass, including dozens of extra tips and tricks to help you run the most engaging and memorable workshops your teams will ever experience.

  4. Online Masterclass Meetups. You're invited to join live Masterclass Meetups. Here you can interact with our Elephant Rider Mentor Team. Come along and meet our ECD Certified Consultants, ask them questions, and share ideas together in the monthly Masterclass Meetups.

What is an Elephant Rider?

Money-Back Guarantee:
Just in case you’re thinking twice about investing in this course, consider our 100% guarantee for this workshop. We’ll refund your entire Masterclass Course fee if you find the course hasn't met your expectations. Simply drop us a note after you've completed through all the lessons in the workshop course.