ECD Stakeholder Relationship Canvas - Printed

ECD Stakeholder Relationship Canvas - Printed

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What's Included:

30 Printed ECD Stakeholder Relationship Canvases per pack. You can order the handbooks in the following ways:

  • Buy 1 pack for 30 handbooks
  • Buy 2 packs for 60 handbooks
  • Buy 3 packs for 90 handbooks

If you need more than 90 handbooks, please contact us for a bulk order. Just send an email to, and we'll help you with your purchase. Please also note that shipping is not included in the pack prices.

Purpose of the Canvas

The ECD Stakeholder Relationships Canvas is a collaborative tool designed to enhance the way teams and leaders engage with stakeholders by mapping out the emotional journey from initial contact to partnership development.

Problem It Solves: Often, the emotional elements of stakeholder relationships are overlooked. This canvas addresses the challenge of building and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships, focusing on the often-overlooked emotional aspects. It brings them to the forefront, providing clarity on what drives stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

How The Canvas Works

The ECD Stakeholder Relationships Canvas is a hands-on visual framework that supports teams to take a conscious and deliberate approach to the emotional experiences of their staleholders. The canvas guides you through:

  1. Stakeholder Journey: Marking key moments and touchpoints on the journey timeline.
  2. Feelings: Choosing ECD cards that best describe the desired and undesired emotions stakeholders might feel at each point.
  3. Triggers: Identifying potential triggers for both positive and negative feelings.
  4. Work Ons: Pinpointing opportunities for enhancing stakeholder experiences and addressing emotional pitfalls.
  5. Lessons Learned & Critical Focus: Reflecting on key takeaways and focusing on crucial areas for improvement to ensure a better stakeholder journey moving forward.


    After working with the canvas, you'll have:

    • A visual map of the emotional highs and lows in the stakeholder journey.
    • Insights into what works well and what needs change.
    • Actionable steps to improve stakeholder relationships, considering both logical and emotional needs.

    This tool is about fostering a deep understanding and a proactive approach to crafting a stakeholder experience that is not just satisfactory, but emotionally resonant.