Reflect & Review Handbook - Digital Download

Reflect & Review Handbook - Digital Download

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What's Included: ECD Reflect & Review Handbook in PDF digital format. You get two versions to suit your needs:

  • Handbook-Only Version: Print on A3 and fold, a hands-on option for those who prefer a tangible book.
  • Bleeds Version: Prepared for commercial printing, with bleed marks for a professional finish.
  • Bonus: Team Canvas PDF Version to run team reflect and review workshops

Purpose of the Handbook

This handbook is all about giving you a space to pause and reflect on recent times—what’s happened, how you felt, what you’ve learned, and how you can use that to move forward. It’s like a personal debrief for your emotions.

Problem It Solves: We often just keep moving without taking stock of where we’ve been. This handbook helps to halt that cycle, offering clarity on emotional patterns that can shape a better, more intentional future.

How the Handbook Works

Here's the simple step-by-step process:

  • Moments that Mattered: Write down the big moments, the ups and downs, that have stuck with you lately.
  • Emotions: Pick out a few cards that sum up how you’ve been feeling.
  • Lessons Learned: Think about why you felt that way and what those feelings have taught you.
  • Experiment & Grow:
    • Jot down new things you want to try to better yourself.
    • Note any habits you need to break.
    • Remember what’s been working well for you and make sure to keep it up.
  • Intention Setting:
    • Decide on the feelings you want to chase after in the coming weeks.
    • Acknowledge the feelings you’d rather avoid but know might pop up.

Handbook Use: This handbook is for you to use on your own, not with a team – but this activity can be easily adapetd to be run as a team workshop.

Outcome of using The Handbook

After working through the handbook, you’ll have:

  • A clearer picture of what’s really mattered to you recently.
  • Insight into how your emotions affect your day-to-day life.
  • A personal plan to grow emotionally, setting you up for more of the good stuff and less of the not-so-good.

You'll come away with a focused mind and an action plan helping you to thrive in both your personal and professional life.