Personal Change Conversation Guide – Digital Download

Personal Change Conversation Guide – Digital Download

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INCLUDES: 1 PDF Guide (A4 Double-sided) 

  • PDF for Print: Best for home or office printing. Foldable for handy use. Designed for A4 double-sided printing to be folded into a portable Handbook format.

Purpose of the Tool

This Personal Change Conversation Guide is all about helping you or someone else have a real, reflective conversation about change – the ups, the downs, and everything in between. It’s a way to put feelings into words and figure out why change feels the way it does.

Problem It Solves: It's tough to get a handle on change. This guide makes it easier to get your thoughts in order and learn from what’s happened so you're more ready for whatever comes next.

How the Tool Works

You'll go through six simple parts:

  1. Look Back: Explore the emotions you felt during a big change.
  2. Dig Deeper: Explore why you think you felt that way, and what was going on that might have nudged those feelings along.
  3. Reflect: Take a minute to think about what this change taught you about yourself.
  4. Grow: Share the ways you've changed for the better since then.
  5. Plan Ahead: Think about what you'd do the same or differently if you were to go through change again.
  6. Support: Consider what kind of help or support would be good if you face a similar period of change down the road.

Guide Use: This conversation guide is for you to use on your own or with one other person in a coaching-type scenario. It's meant for both personal growth and leadership development.

Outcome of Using the Guide

By the end of the guide, you’ll have:

  • A clearer understanding of your emotions about change.
  • Insights into how you react to different situations.
  • Ideas for how to tackle similar changes in the future.
  • A plan for the support you might need when things are shifting.

In short, you’ll be better equipped to manage change – with less stress and more confidence.