ECD Partnerships Handbook - Printed

ECD Partnerships Handbook - Printed

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What's Included:

30 Printed ECD Partnerships Handbook per pack. You can order the handbooks in the following ways:

  • Buy 1 pack for 30 handbooks
  • Buy 2 packs for 60 handbooks
  • Buy 3 packs for 90 handbooks

If you need more than 90 handbooks, please contact us for a bulk order. Just send an email to, and we'll help you with your purchase. Please also note that shipping is not included in the pack prices.

Purpose of the Tools

The ECD Partnership Handbook is designed for partners looking to strengthen their relationships and enhance their collaboration. Fo new partners or existing ones, this handbook is a practical guide for two people who want to make their partnership the best it can be. It guides a reflective and engaging converstion on shared goals and emotional expectations.

Problem It Solves: Misunderstandings and misalignments are common challenges in partnerships. Sometimes, working together can get tricky. This handbook helps clear up what each person expects from the other in the partnership and provides a structured approach for partners to address issues openly. 

How The Handbook Works

Partners use the handbook to:

  • Reflect on past partnerships and identify emotions felt to understand what worked and what didn't.
  • Discuss and document the feelings they want to encourage and the ones to avoid to ensure a healthy partnership.
  • Plan specific actions that will nurture desired feelings and manage the undesired ones.
  • Set shared goals and commitments that are aligned with fostering a supportive and successful partnership.

What you'll Gain

By completing this handbook, you'll have:

  • A clear understanding of each other's perspective on what makes a successful partnership.
  • Defined actionable steps to create a supportive and emotionally intelligent working relationship.
  • Established shared goals and commitments to guide their partnership towards success.

The handbook serves as a blueprint for partners to intentionally shape their relationships, leading to increased satisfaction and better collaborative outcomes. By the end, you'll have a plan that’s all about making your partnership not just work, but thrive.