Leadership Team Canvas & Workshop - Digital Download

Leadership Team Canvas & Workshop - Digital Download

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What's Included: A comprehensive workshop plan + 2 ECD Leadership Canvas in PDF digital format. You get two versions to suit your needs:

  • Canvas Only PDF: Ideal for displaying the Canvas in workshops or for digital collaboration.
  • Bleeds Version: Designed for high-quality, professional printing with precise edge-to-edge results.

    Purpose of the Tools

    Purpose of the Canvas The ECD Leadership Canvas is a strategic tool for leadership teams to visually map out and guide the emotional culture of their team or organisation. It's like a charter that captures the team's aspirations for their culture and how they want to lead emotionally.

    Purpose of the Workshop The ECD Leadership Workshop is an immersive session aimed at enabling leadership teams to understand and shape the emotional culture within their team or organisation. It's about intentionally crafting the emotional culture to lead effectively, empathetically and drive the success of their teams and organisation. 

    Problem It Solves Leaders often overlook the emotional aspect of their roles. This workshop and canvas tackle that gap, providing leaders with the awareness and tools to craft a positive emotional culture for better performance and satisfaction within teams.

    How The Canvas Works

    The ECD Leadership Canvas is a hands-on visual framework that supports leaders in developing a conscious and deliberate approach to the emotional culture of their teams. Here’s how it works:

    • Empathy: This section prompts leaders to consider the indicators of their team’s feelings, noting down what they might see or hear that signals specific emotions.

    • Desired Feelings: Leaders list the emotions critical to their team’s success, prioritizing them to understand which are the most impactful.

    • Undesired Feelings: This part involves identifying feelings that could hinder the team's success, considering even those that might only appear occasionally.

    • Undesired Behaviours: A space to define actions that leaders want to prevent within their team, to avoid negative emotions.

    • Rituals & Actions: Here, leaders brainstorm activities or habits that can encourage the desired feelings within the team.

    • Our Critical Few: This key section is for pinpointing the most impactful behaviours, rituals, and actions that will solidify the emotional environment leaders want to foster.

    • Kill/Create/Change/Keep: It encourages leaders to think about what they should stop doing, start doing, change, or continue doing in the way they lead their people.

    By filling out the canvas, leaders create a targeted plan for nurturing a positive emotional culture, ensuring they lead with emotional intelligence and empathy. The process culminates in a comprehensive understanding of how to actively shape their team’s emotional landscape, aligning it with the organization's goals and values.

      Summary of Workshop 

      Workshop Plan Overview

      The ECD Leadership Workshop is a structured session designed for leadership teams to actively shape the emotional culture in their workplace. The plan for the workshop includes:

      • Number of Individuals: Suitable for groups of 10-16.
      • Duration: The session runs for approximately 5 hours, including breaks.
      • Process: It's a three-part journey:
        • Kick-off & Warm-Up: Intro and activity to get everyone engaged and comfortable.
        • Part One - Self-awareness: Deep dive where leaders reflect on their personal emotions and how they need to feel to be successful.
        • Part Two - Emotional Culture: Define both the emotions they want to see and those they want to avoid in their team.
        • Part Three - ECD Leadership Canvas: Plan how to promote desired emotions and manage the undesired ones through empathy, identifying undesired behaviours, and deciding on actions & rituals.

      The workshop is designed to be flexible, allowing a break or even splitting parts three and four into a separate session if needed.

      Outcome: Leaders leave the workshop with a firm understanding of the emotional culture they want and a plan to achieve it. They'll have a tailored leadership canvas that serves as a guide for the emotional atmosphere they aim to foster. This hands-on approach ensures that leaders are equipped to nurture a positive, emotionally intelligent work environment.