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Leadership Handbook - Digital Download

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INCLUDES: ECD Leadership Handbook PDF in three formats:

  • Fillable Version: Ideal for typing responses on a digital device. PDF document with editable fields for typing in responses, ideal for remote or electronic use.
  • PDF for Print: Best for home or office printing. Foldable for handy use. Designed for A3 double-sided printing to be folded into a portable Handbook format.
  • PDF with Bleeds: Send to a commercial printer and get a professional print for a high-quality finish.

Purpose of the Handbook

The ECD Leadership Handbook is a unique resource for leaders looking to lift their emotional leadership skills. It's a personal guide to understanding and harnessing the power of emotions within leadership roles. This is a tailor-made leadership development tool.

Problem It Solves: Most leaders underestimate the role of emotions on the culture of their teams and the performance of their people. This handbook helps leaders to identify the emotional culture they want to intentionally craft and influence and use it to guide the way they show up and lead the people they serve.

How the Handbook Works

Leaders use the handbook to:

  • Reflect on the emotions they want to foster and avoid in their leadership.
  • Consider how to intentionally foster their team’s emotional culture.
  • Define what kind of leader they don't want to be and what they aspire to be.
  • Identify emotional hurdles and plan ways to navigate them effectively.
  • Complete prompts about personal and professional aspirations, offering advice, and practising gratitude.

By working through the handbook, you gain insights that can lead to stronger relationships both professionally and personally.

Handbook Use: This handbook is for you to use on your own, not with a team. It's great for leaders to get to know themselves better so they can understand their team better too.

Difference from the ECD Know Yourself Handbook: This handbook follows Steps 1-7 of the Emotional Culture Deck For Leaders, focusing specifically on leadership emotional intelligence and culture crafting, unlike The ECD Know Yourself Handbook, which applies only to understanding self. Click here to read more about The Know Yourself Handbook.

Outcome of using The Handbook

By completing this Handbook, leaders will have:

  • A deeper self-awareness of their emotional leadership style.
  • Clear intentions about the emotions they want to cultivate and avoid.
  • Actionable insights into nurturing their team's emotional culture.
  • Strategies to develop and reinforce desired leadership behaviours.
  • A more profound commitment to leading with emotions to drive their team success.