Emotional Contagion Conversation Guide – Digital Download

Emotional Contagion Conversation Guide – Digital Download

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INCLUDES: 1 PDF Guide (A4 Double-sided) 

  • PDF for Print: Best for home or office printing. Foldable for handy use. Designed for A4 double-sided printing to be folded into a portable Handbook format.
  • PDF with Bleeds: Send to a commercial printer and get a professional print for a high-quality finish.
  • Fillable Version: Ideal for typing responses on a digital device. A digital document with editable fields for typing in responses, ideal for remote or electronic use.

Purpose of the Tool

This Conversation Guide is designed to help leaders understand the ripple effect of their emotions at work. It's about getting to grips with how a leader’s mood and attitudes can spread through a team (and vice versa) and what to do about it.

Problem It Solves: It's common for leaders to be unaware of how much their feelings affect their team. This guide helps by shining a light on emotional influence and giving leaders a way to craft a more intentional emotional culture.

How the Tool Works

It's a step-by-step guide through the world of emotional contagion. This guide takes leaders step by step through:

  • Pinpointing key emotions that help them succeed and those that get in the way.
  • Learning how to dial down undesired emotions that come up.
  • Finding ways to encourage and express the emotions and behaviours they want in their team.
  • Reflecting on actions that might spread undesired feelings inadvertently.
  • Discuss strategies to manage or cope with undesired emotions effectively.

Guide Use: This conversattion guide is for you to use on your own, or with one other person in a coaching type scenario. It's meant for both personal growth and leadership development.

Outcome of Using the Guide

By the end of this guide, leaders will have a clearer plan for building an emotionally savvy team. They'll be more in tune with how to show up and understand what can happen when undesired emotions show up. It's all about helping our leaders understand the role emotions have in the workplace, on themselves and on the people they serve.