Intention Setting Conversation Guide – Digital Download

Intention Setting Conversation Guide – Digital Download

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INCLUDES: 3 PDFs - an A4 PDF (Double-Sided) for Print, a Fillable Version PDF for digital use, and a PDF Screens Version for online sharing.

  • PDF for Print: Designed for A4 printing, this double-sided and foldable version is perfect for individual reflection or for use in small group settings.

  • Fillable Version: A digital PDF with fields you can type in, ideal for those who prefer to work on a computer or digital device.

  • For Screens: Best for online meetings, this version is rotated for easy reading when screen sharing, making it great for virtual group sessions.

Purpose of the Tool

The ECD Intention Setting Conversation Guide is all about helping individuals and teams explore and share their emotional drivers in a safe and meaningful way. It's a way to look inward and set personal emotional goals or to share within a team to understand each other's drivers and blockers better.

Problem It Solves This guide tackles the challenge of unspoken emotions in personal and work life. It provides a structured approach to recognising and discussing feelings, leading to greater emotional intelligence and stronger relationships.

How the Guide Works

This can the used as an individual activity. Or it could be used as a coaching tool between two people. Or you can hack the activity and use it to guide a structured team check-in activity.

There are six structured steps in total that you follow in order. Helping individuals to set and share their emotional intentions. They choose the ECD emotion cards to represent their desired and undesired feelings for the upcoming week, share stories behind their choices, and decide on actions to support or manage these feelings.

Outcome: By using this guide, individuals (or teams) will have a clear set of emotional intentions, both personal and collective, and a roadmap for emotional well-being that supports their success