Commitments Handbook – Digital Download

Commitments Handbook – Digital Download

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INCLUDES: Two PDF handbooks (A3 double-sided). We offer two versions to cater to different needs and preferences:

  • PDF for Print: This version is optimised for printing at home or at the office. It is designed in an A3 format and can be printed double-sided and folded for convenience.
  • PDF with Bleeds: Ideal for professional or commercial printing to ensure precise edge-to-edge printing.

Purpose of the Tool

The ECD Commitments Handbook is designed to give you a hand in pinpointing and shaping your personal and professional commitments. It’s a nudge to get clear on your immediate and future ambitions, figure out the actions that’ll help you get there, and spotlight any hurdles that could hold you back. By taking a moment to think over the commitments you’ve made before, you’ll get to learn a thing or two from them. It’s about getting a clearer picture of the emotional forces at play in your life and using that insight to make strides towards where you want to be with a solid plan in hand.

The Problem

This handbook helps solve the problem of unclear and unfocused commitments by guiding you to establish clear short—and longer-term commitments connected to how you define them. It will help you succeed and learn from past experiences to forge an intentional path forward.

Activity Summary

The handbook is broken into four parts:

  1. Defining Success

  2. Shaping your Short-term & Longer Term Commitments

  3. Exploring Your Past Commitments

  4. Identifying Your Emotional Drivers

Beautiful Questions

Short Term:

  • "Success for me in the next 30 days is..."

  • "The most important commitment I will make in the next 30 days is..."

  • "The behaviour I can try that will have the biggest impact on my success in the next 30 days is..."

Longer Term:

  • "Success for me in the next [12] months is..."

  • "The most important commitment I will make over the next [12] months is..."

  • "The habits I can adopt or the actions I can take to ensure success over the next 12 months are..."

Lessons Learned:

  • "Past commitments I've made that I might need to reassess are..."

  • "Commitments I’ve made in the past taught me..."


  • "The obstacles in the way of my success in the short and long term are..."