ECD Change Leadership Canvas - Printed

ECD Change Leadership Canvas - Printed

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What's Included:

30 Printed ECD Change Leadership Canvas per pack. You can order the handbooks in the following ways:

  • Buy 1 pack for 30 handbooks
  • Buy 2 packs for 60 handbooks
  • Buy 3 packs for 90 handbooks

If you need more than 90 handbooks, please contact us for a bulk order. Just send an email to, and we'll help you with your purchase. Please also note that shipping is not included in the pack prices.

Purpose of the Tool:

The ECD Change Leadership Canvas is a tool for leaders, guiding them through both self-reflection on past change experiences and planning for future transitions. It aids leaders in identifying desired emotions within their teams during change and highlights essential leadership actions to ensure a smooth transition.

Canvas Overview:

  1. Personal Change Journey: This initial activity, found at the beginning of the Handbook, encourages leaders to reflect on their own experiences of change, focusing on the emotional aspects. It's an effective way to kick off an ECD Change Leadership Workshop, making the concept of change more personal and relatable.

  2. Change Leadership Canvas: This section helps the leader or leadership group pinpoint the emotions they want their team to experience during the transition, as well as those they'd prefer to avoid. They'll dive into understanding the leadership behaviours and actions essential for guiding their team through the upcoming change.

In the practical application of this workshop, KPMG in New Zealand adopted this Change Leadership Canvas, using it as a pivotal tool to guide their leadership teams through significant workplace change. Learn more about KPMG's successful rollout across New Zealand leadership here >