Vicki Mclaren – Organisational Development Manager, WCC

It was through working with Vicki and her team at Wellington City Council that we learned about a new way to apply The Emotional Culture Deck. 

Vicki and her team used the deck to explore the HR Services and Organisational Development stakeholder engagement strategy.

She brought together a team of 30 HR Services and Organisational Development people within WCC and applied the deck to how they can create better experiences for the stakeholders they deal with on a daily basis I.e. all Wellington City Council employees. 

The core question they explored was: "How do we want the people we work with to feel when they engage with us?"

This is what Vicki had to say about the deck:

"Facilitating meaningful and productive conversations about workplace behaviours is both incredibly important and really tricky!

We used The Emotional Culture Deck as a leadership team and then with our wider team of 30 and I was wowed by how it enabled all of us to really think about and discuss the emotional aspects of our work environment.

As I scanned the room full of small working groups they were animated and fully engaged in identifying the behaviours they did and didn’t want and when they reported back they had clearly grappled with the tricky bits and were able to share their thoughts as well as some potential solutions.

The uses for the deck are limitless and I’d really recommend people managers add it to their toolkits!"