Piers Gordon & Brad Dexter – Panasonic New Zealand

The Key Account Team at Panasonic New Zealand come together for a team conference every six months. Piers and Brad decided they wanted to use The Emotional Culture Deck with their team to help them learn more about each other and create stronger connections within their team. 

We went up to Auckland for the afternoon and ran the Key Account Team through The Emotional Culture Deck Pilot Workshop. 

Although the Key Account Team has been together for some time, Piers and Brad are always looking for new ways to strengthen the culture of their teams. In the fast-paced, high-pressure sales environment that the Panasonic Key Account Team operate in, it's critical to find time to focus on the growth of the team.

Following the Pilot Workshop, Piers had this to say about the session:

"Thanks very much for the session. The team got a lot out of it. A few of them afterwards mentioned specifically they really enjoyed that compared to some other forms of ‘culture and growth' sessions we have done in the past. 

We just had some first-half reviews yesterday and got some more really positive feedback on the session. I even started the reviews with the Check-in exercise using the cards where you pick a white (positive) card that represents what you felt last week. I then asked my team to pick a black (negative) card you want to avoid with the end of month pressures looming."

This is what the team had to say about using the decks for the first time:

  • "I loved the openness in the group, and talking about things that don't tend to get talked about at Panasonic."
  • "I enjoyed how easy it was to flow from one 'subject' to another in the workshop using the deck. The time seemed to fly by. It was great how using the deck allowed all of us to be fully immersed in the discussion about the type of culture we want to create to be successful."
  • "I was amazed to hear about how many similarities there were in the group around some of the negative thoughts and feelings that we were all experiencing.