Glynn Howell, NZI Executive Manager SME & Branch Distribution

We had a chat with Glynn Howell from NZI. Glynn and his team are one of our most recent adopters of The Emotional Culture Deck. This is what Glynn had to say after they used the deck as part of a recent leadership workshop. 
Tell us a bit about why you wanted to use The Emotional Culture Deck with your team?

We are a re-forming leadership team leading a network of people across the country. Following work on our Strengths, the opportunity to work with Jeremy on the Emotional Culture Deck was a continued part of our leadership journey.

Our intent is to develop a team-led culture across our network and feedback on the ECD as a leadership tool was a huge driver in our continued development. 

What were your fears before the workshop?

My fear was whether all my team would be engaged in the process given the headline of emotional culture. Given the feedback that they will now roll this out to their teams as part of their people plans, my fears were not warranted.

What were the things that surprised you the most about the workshop?

The use of the cards as a 'game' took all fear and insecurity away and allowed the conversation to flow easily around a topic that may not always allow for this level of engagement. We could have carried on for the rest of the afternoon to fully engage around our team approach!

Tell us a little bit about the things you liked the most about the workshop?

The Emotional Culture Deck helped us understand each other and help them lead their teams in such a non-confrontational way to discuss feelings and emotions.

What are you and your teams planning to do next from what you learned in the workshop?

Utilize our individual drivers in combination with our strengths to build on our leadership team dynamic and then work with each of our teams to build our team-led approach to our local cultures.