Derri Evans – Agile Coach, Westpac New Zealand

Derri Evans is an infectious people-leader that likes to step out of the box and look for new ideas and ways of bringing teams closer together. She's fascinated in how to increase people's EQ in and out of the workplace.

Derri recently bought the Westpac Community of Practice (aka the COP) together to go through The Emotional Culture Deck as a group. The Westpac Community of Practice (aka the COP) is a group of 30 Scrum Masters that each lead squads of eight developers within Westpac. The COP ran this session as an experiment in defining and codifying the culture of their COP.

We held a 2.5-hour sprint where each scrum master explored what they individually want to feel and not feel at work. Then worked together as a group to define the collective emotional culture of the COP. We finished the session by considering the behaviours, undesired behaviours and rituals that will reinforce the COP's emotional culture moving forward.

This is what Derri had to say about using The Emotional Culture Decks:

"At Westpac, we pride ourselves on driving our success through our people. Today we invested in our people going through The Emotional Culture Deck with the founder Jeremy Dean. This provided us with some incredible insights and ways to shape our culture moving forward."

If you’re interested to learn more about how we ran the session using The Emotional Culture Deck, you can steal the 2.5 hours workshop plan here.

Here’s what some of the other Scrum Masters had to say about using the decks:

"A wonderfully thought-provoking session. Reflecting on this session has helped me connect with my personal ‘Why’."

"Excellent session today on culture using the emotional culture deck by riders & elephants. Brought out great conversation and really honest discussions nicely facilitated by Jeremy Dean. Will definitely be using and encouraging this exercise again in many different contexts and teams. Thanks to Derri Evans for organising and the amazing Westpac Scrum Master community for stimulating discussion."

"I really enjoyed the session today thank you. Thought provoking and got me thinking about how I feel when I’m making to a difference and, conversely, struggling."