Daniela Yarrow, Change Coordinator – The Public Trustee Queensland

Daniela Yarrow is an incredibly talented and passionate changemaker at The Public Trustee.

Daniela has a clinical psychology background and intuitively understands the role emotion plays in culture and creating a high performing team.

She's introduced The Emotional Culture Deck to The Public Trustee leadership group and culture champs through a series of workshops. And she's now planning to use the decks with 80 plus leaders at their annual leadership conference.

Recently she told got in touch to say:

"Good news is that over the past two weeks my change ideas are taking off in a very positive manner.  I believe I already had a little bit of attention from our decision makers but the Emotional Culture Deck activities with the teams on the 5th sealed the deal. Feedback is now flowing in and some people stayed back for an hour after the session."

I’ve been humbled by the impact that Daniela says they decks have made in a short space of time. I’m now excited by the potential for large-scale change that might be accelerated by using the decks to help create a more human & empathic workplace.

Watch this space to learn more about The Public Trustee's journey with the decks!