Pro Elephant Rider Programme (Upfront Payment)

Pro Elephant Rider Programme (Upfront Payment)

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What is a Pro Elephant Rider?

Pro Elephant Riders are Emotional Culture Deck Certified Consultants

This programme is the next step in the process: a guided journey of personal development, learning-by-doing, and reflection that takes you ‘under the hood’ of shaping better emotional culture in any environment using The Emotional Culture Deck.  

Pro Elephant Riders are experienced change-makers who have been on powerful journeys. They’re ready and able to help others develop better emotional cultures in organisations or teams. 

The Pro Elephant Rider Programme might be the step forward you’ve been looking for if you are: 

  • A consultant looking to expand your services, practice
    and toolkit

  • A People & Culture, Organisational Development or People Experience expert fostering culture, empathy and emotional intelligence in your organisation

  • A team leader or senior manager looking to bring people together and get things done

What’s involved in the Programme?

  • Only ten leaders, every six months are invited to join the Pro Elephant Rider Programme

  • The programme is a learn by experimentation and reflection programme. (Plus maybe some failures that will be learning opportunities)

  • You complete the programme in your own time and at your own pace (because we know life can get hectic busy). 

  • There are 7 levels you need to complete to become an ECD Certified  Facilitator

  • You work through each level and the steps in each level one-by-one, over a 6-month period.

What do I get when I become a Pro Elephant Rider?

Display your certificate and digital badge as a Certified Emotional Culture Deck Consultant, backed by riders&elephants

  • Your profile on the Elephant Riders website

  • 12 new decks to use with your people and teams (OR 20 ECDS if you pay Upfront)

  • Discounted prices on all Emotional Culture Deck products 

  • Access to the Pro Elephant Rider online community where leaders and facilitators share ideas and perspectives

  • After completing specific steps and challenges, you’ll get a chance to spend some face-to-face time with Jeremy to share, reflect and learn before you move to the next step.

  • Once you’ve completed all 7 steps and achieved each milestone you’ll become an ECD Certified Consultant aka Pro Elephant Rider.