ECD Online Mini Course – For Remote Teams

ECD Online Mini Course – For Remote Teams

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In this Mini-Course, you'll learn how you can use The Emotional Culture Deck with your teams to help them thrive through the months ahead and beyond Covid-19.

The Online Mini-Course For Remote Teams will take you through:

  1. The three different ways to use the ECD remotely
  2. How to run the worlds simplest, most powerful and meaningful team check-in activity
  3. How to nudge your people to develop greater self-awareness and empathy for their teammate
  4. How to use the ECD as a leadership team to consider the emotional aspect of change – not the usual structural change that organisations focus on traditionally.
  5. How I have structured a series of remote team workshops with a recent client

You'll also get access to 11 resources & tools to help you run a variety of remote team culture activities.

This Mini-Course is different from our ECD Online Masterclass. The experience and the lessons are not as comprehensive or as immersive. You'll also learn different skills in this Mini-Course.

We've designed this mini-course using footage from our recent Live Virtual Masterclasses we've run with leaders in Auckland, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Our goal for anyone who joins this Online Mini-Course is you'll walk away from the course and be able to implement what you've learned with your team or clients as soon as you've completed the course!

You don't need any physical cards to run these workshops and activities. Everything you need to run four different team culture and leadership workshops is in this course.

The course is a series of 27 videos – none longer than 5 minutes – taking you through 4 different activities to help remote teams and your people thrive while working from home.

This ECD Online Mini-Course is hands-on and interactive, just like our in-person courses and our Online Masterclass course. So you'll learn by doing and using the cards.