ECD Partner Programme

Who can join our ECD Partner Programme?

Only ECD Practitioners and ECD Certified Consultants aka Elephant Riders are eligible to join the programme.

How does it work?

    1. Share content and your generated Emotional Culture Deck affiliate link on the platform of your choice or with your clients, friends, colleagues or even complete randoms
    2. Watch customers come to: through your link
    3. Collect 10% commissions off every purchase you refer to .It’s that simple!

What is my commission and discount rate?

  • ECD Practitioners receive 10% commission and 10% discount on all ECD products through our online store
  • Emotional Culture Club Members receive 20% commission and 35% discount on all products through our online store
  • ECD Certified Consultants receive 20% commission and 50% discount on all products available through our online store

Join now

Click here to join the ECD Partner programme now!

What do you get?

We’ll give you everything you need to get started:

  • An affiliate partner link and your personalised coupon code
  • 180-Day cookie tracking
  • Earnings paid when you reach $100 USD commission
  • A selection of ECD Images for your blogs, email, social, and more

ECD Partner Programme Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ECD Partner Program work?

After your application is reviewed and approved, you'll receive a special tracking link and coupon code. When you refer people to purchase at using your link, you will receive a 10% commission.

Do I need a website/blog to participate in the Partner Programme?

No, not at all. You can share about The ECD anywhere you go. Share your experiences with ECD on your Instagram, at work, or just striking up a conversation with a random stranger. 

Where do I get my tracking link?

Once you’ve created a Partner account, login to the dashboard. There, you’ll find your custom tracking link to our site on the left-hand side of the page. 

Does a customer need to both click on my link and use my coupon code for me to receive credit?

No. As long as customers use the special tracking link or your Personalised Coupon, you will receive the commission credit!

How do I send people to The ECD website?

You can share your experiences with ECD anywhere! Tell people about us in person, on your website, social platforms, and more. Make sure to provide your unique tracking link or your coupon to earn a commission.

How do I track my sales and what I’ve earned?

Your Partner dashboard will show you a snapshot of your current performance. You can find detailed summary of payment information on the top of the page under the Payment menu 

How do I get paid my commission?

You need to set up a PayPal account. When you create your affiliate account it will prompt you to enter your PayPal address so you can get paid. Click here to watch the video on how to do this.

When do I get paid?

Once you reach $100 USD total of commission, we'll transfer your outstanding commission payment to your PayPal account. 

How does the commission and discount coupon work?

  • The Coupon gives a 3rd party a discount on any purchases made through The Emotional Culture Deck website 
  • The discount the 3rd party receives depends on your partner status (ECD Practitioner, ECC Member or ECD Certified Consultant)
  • ECD Certified Consultants and Emotional Culture Club members get 20% commission on all ECD products sold via referral.
  • You receive a Commission on any products 'you sell' – commission is calculated after deducting total discount and shipping from the order
  • The Commission applies on all purchases made by a 3rd Party either using your Coupon at the check out – or if they click through to our site via your referral link
  • You can’t get paid a commission for any purchases you make for yourself!
  • The discount and commission only applies to products available on our online store 

Can I have Emotional Culture Decks instead of commission?

Yes, we're more than happy to provide decks, upon request, in exchange for commission. Please email us at for more details.

What is my responsibility as an ECD Partner?

Your responsibility as an ECD Partner is to be a good human first and foremost. We also hope you'll be a warm, honest, and open brand ambassador who promotes and supports The Emotional Culture Deck and our mission to humanise the work place! Please don't be pushy, or salesy with people. Be honest and upfront with them when you share your coupon or partner link – let them know you are an ECD Partner and will get a share of any purchases they make. I find it's better to be transparent with people – it helps build trust. 

Can I be a Partner if I don't live in New Zealand?

YES! Partner from all countries are welcome to join our mission!

If I send someone through my link and they do not purchase right away, but come back and purchase later, will I still receive credit?

If they come back within 180 days, you will receive commission credit.

Can I be in a competitor’s program as well as yours?


Does it cost anything to be an partner?


Terms & Conditions.

You can read the full R&E Terms & Conditions here.

Either you or we may terminate your partner status at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. We reserve the right to close the affiliate programme or an affiliate account at any time and for any reason we deem appropriate. We promise to pay any outstanding commissions to all affiliates if we decide to close the affiliate programme. If an individual affiliate account is suspended for any misconduct or fraudulent activity, we will make a case by case decision on commission payments owed.