ECD Family Activities - Have fun!

Thanks for requesting the Emotional Culture Deck Families Activities Guide! 

Click the image below to download the ECD Family Activities Plan

We've designed three levels of activity.

Start at level 1.

Then work your way up the levels.

Each activity gets progressively more challenging and will open up a deeper dialogue, greater empathy and emotional connection with each other.

Once you’ve completed Level 1 – talk together as a family about how it went and decide if you want to (or when you might like to) play it again next.

Only move to Level 2 when you’ve got comfortable with the Level 1 exercise.

Once you’ve got comfortable with Level 1 & 2 activities, depending on how everyone feels (and the ability for your kids to comprehend the previous activities), go on to Level 3!

ECD Families Activites










Have fun!