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If you have any questions at all about The Emotional Culture Deck or order enquiries, you can get in touch with us at

One of the team at riders&elephants will be back in touch as soon as possible. Usually within 24-48 hours. 

If you have an urgent enquiry about any order, please feel free to call or text Jeremy personally on +64-21-537-823. 

riders&elephants is based in Wellington, New Zealand. So if you you reach out to us from any country other than New Zealand, there are some time differences to take into account. 

PS. At riders&elephants, we strive to be the most human & empathetic leadership company in the world. The experiences we create for people and how interact with everyone who reaches out to us matters. We want people to feel Care, Inspired, Thoughtful, Unique and Surprised (in a good way). But we don't want people to feel Frustrated, Doubt, Unwelcome, Disconnected, Overwhelmed, or Confused. So if any interaction with us triggers you to experience any of these feelings – please write to Jeremy here to let him know (even if you're writing to him about something involving him personally!). We only keep improving when we learn and grow from our mistakes'. So please point out anything that you think falls short of our stated standards.