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Most organisations underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership. As an Agile coach you’re often asked to examine processes, norms, and ‘the way we do things around here’ with a critical eye: the Emotional Culture Deck adds a powerful tool to your belt for enabling human conversations and bottom-up change.

Improving workplace culture brings tangible results. When Agile coaches help companies identify the key emotional drivers of their employees not only do engagement and morale improve, but also productivity and employee retention. As a result, bottom-line profits go up - and your advice proves its value yet again

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How is the deck going to help you?

Use the Emotional Culture Deck to:

Expand your skills as a leader and coach

Map what teams are feeling, and how they want to feel

Offer new tools and approaches that get results

Who uses the deck?

Jakub Jurkiewicz is an Agile Coach at Air New Zealand. He prides himself of helping employees within companies develop purpose, autonomy and mastery. He's driven to help leaders engage in new and interesting ways with their people. Jakub is using the deck with teams throughout Air New Zealand.

Here's what some of the teams he has worked with have had to say about the workshops he runs using The Emotional Culture Deck:

"At our away day Jakub introduced some new ways of thinking about how we can improve our team behaviours to better support us all as individuals and move the dial on needs that we all share. This was done in a way that everyone felt at ease in contributing to. I think everyone came away from that day feeling better connected and more in tune with everyone else in the team. This has never happened to such a great degree before. I have never felt so close to my team mates. Suddenly we were able to have time to reflect on our emotions but also we could build empathy for each other. Can’t wait to see how it would impact our day to day interactions as a team."


Some Case-studies

Westpac Bank

"The results have been incredible. I have managed to help my squads improve their productivity and a more high performing and connected team... We have been able to create an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work and have an awesome day every day – which in turn has increased our productivity. Simple!" 

– Derri Evans, Westpac New Zealand

Cricket Wellington

"Team members at Cricket Wellington now report that they’re working better together with open communication, high levels of trust and accountability. Culture has become a strength, with a shift in focus from managing change towards how to best support each other and deliver on Cricket Wellington’s mission."

Cam Mitchell, CEO, Cricket Wellington

Air New Zealand

"The Deck has the power of allowing people to go a bit deeper in their reflections and it can change the dynamics and create unusual openness in people.
This experience pushed me to try use the Deck in my 1:1 coaching conversations."

– Jakub Jurkiewicz , Air New Zealand

Customer reviews

Brooke Riley
Trilogy International

"We wanted to run a workshop to help get an understanding from our people on what they think constitutes a ‘Great Place to Work’. This understanding was then used to flow into the TIL FY19 Strategy whereby ‘A Great Place to Work’ is one of our strategic pillars.”

Hillary Palmer

"It's been awesome to experience The Emotional Culture Deck - a simple game with such a huge impact - loved it! Organisations who want to truly connect with their people simply can't ignore this stuff. Looking forward to seeing how far we can take this tool!" 

Build empathy - Create connection - Foster trust