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What are The Emotional Culture Canvasses?

The Emotional Culture Deck Canvasses are the PDF template tools we designed to help you document what you uncover when using The Emotional Culture Deck (ECD) with your people and teams. 

There are three canvasses that can be used with four different audiences and in four different Emotional Culture Deck workshops.

The three canvasses are:

  1. The Emotional Culture Canvas (for running Map your Emotional Culture Workshop)

  2. The Leadership Blueprint (for running and documenting Leadership workshop using ECD and following the pink For Leaders steps in the deck)

  3. The Employee Experience Canvas (for facilitating an Employee
    Experience strategy discussion or workshop using ECD)

What do they cost?

  • Each canvas cost $12USD.
  • Or you can buy the bundle of all three canvasses for $30USD.

How do they work?

Each canvas is a visual chart with sections that you and your people fill out to capture what you uncover when using the deck in workshops or with your teams.

How do I use them?

The canvasses are PDF's that you download and print at A4, A3 or even in larger formats like A0 or A2O (to put up on the wall so teams of people can jointly discuss the elements with post it notes). 

You then can either write on the canvasses directly, or use post-it notes on the larger format versions.

These canvases are copyright of riders&elephants and cannot be distributed, changed, or sold. 

Do I need The Emotional Culture Deck to use these canvasses?

It's 100% possible to use The Emotional Culture Deck canvasses without The Emotional Culture Deck. You'll just have to fill out the first two sections without the help of The ECD.

When you don't use The Emotional Culture Deck as part of these canvasses, you’ll miss out on the main benefit of using the ECD, which is the easy to follow step-by-step, and face-to-face conversation that you have to help you decide on which emotions matter to your people and your teams.

Or if you've downloaded the Free Lo-fi Emotional Culture Deck PDF then you can also use this Lo-fi deck alongside the canvasses. 

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