Virtual Emotional Culture Deck Workshops – COMING SOON

It's been an overwhelming few weeks for many of us as we've had to quickly adapt to this new lockdown life.

On a personal front, we've been energised and buoyed by so many Emotional Culture Deck adopters who have designed and developed ways to take Emotional Culture Deck workshops and activities online and adapt them to our new remote and virtual world.

It's truly inspiring seeing how our amazing community have adapted to the new norm and developed new ways to serve their people in such challenging circumstances. 

Below are three video examples of ways to use The Emotional Culture Deck 100% virtually with remote teams and workers.

If you're interested in getting access to these resources to use with your team. Please enter your details at the bottom of this page. And when they become available we will be in touch to let you know you can licence them.

Pene Barton, Chief People Officer of Crimson Education

Pene adapted our Weekly Retro Conversation and developed a virtual Emotional Culture Check-In using Miro. Check out our conversation below where she shows us how she uses Miro to sta connected with her team.

We were so inspired by Pene's work that we designed and developed a series of Emotional Culture Deck workshops for virtual and remote teams using Miro.

ECD Check-In for virtual and remote workers

Here's how we've used Miro to redesign the Emotional Culture Deck Weekly Retro Check-in activity as a virtual activity for remote teams and workers who don't have access to physical cards. 

ECD Intention Setting Activity for virtual and remote teams

Here's a super simple new activity we've created for teams that can be added to the start or end of any existing team meeting to create better connections between people. Work with your teams to set their emotional intentions for the week (or fortnight). And find out what you as a leader can do to support your people.

Fully Virtual 'Map your Emotional Culture Workshop' for remote teams

We've taken out most popular workshop using The ECD and redesigned it as a 100% virtual workshop. Check out how this team culture workshop can be run using Miro.


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